Trend Report: Faux leather - How to wear it (and how the heck do you iron it)


Excitement struck yesterday afternoon when I arrived home and there on my doorstep a package sat waiting patiently for me to usher it in doors. Inside - my latest purchase – a faux leather skirt. The hot trend, I thought, would add the perfect spice to my wardrobe. And I was totally right. The leather skirt is simply a great basic that you can rock all the way through winter.

Additionally, the faux leather trend is the ideal day-to-night transition piece. Paired with a blazer or feminine top, I’m office ready. Toss off the jacket and I’m dressed for cocktails with my girls after work. You can find the skirts and jackets featured in this post at


But I did run across one, tiny snag. Ever wonder how do I iron faux leather? Who knew, faux leather, for all of its benefits – wrinkles…a lot…So once you have your statement piece, here are a few tips to keep it date night ready.

Step 1: Place your faux-leather piece into the clothing dryer accompanied by several towels. Run the dryer on medium heat for a minute or two.

Step 2: Let the garment cool while smoothing the wrinkles out as much as possible with your hand.

Step 3: Pull out the ironing board. Lay your faux leather on the ironing board but cover the wrinkled areas with a clean towel. Iron out the wrinkles on a steam-free setting while making sure you don’t leave the iron on the garment for too long.

Step 4: Smooth out wrinkles one more time as the clothing cools.

You’re now wrinkle free and ready to go!