The Beginning is always TODAY!


If you woke up every morning, epic bed head and all, and literally thought about the very same thing for 3 1/2 years, what would you do? In many ways, I was reborn 3 1/2 years ago. In the spring of 2011, I took the finest man I have ever come to know, my two beautiful daughters, a fun-loving husband/wife photography duo and whisked away to NYC in the wee hours of the morning. On March 20th, we married in Strawberry Fields, Central Park and my life has been on this continual upswing ever since. This "same thing" thought I had every day was the desire to have an online source or guide where my husband and I (always referred to as "Me and the Mister") could read and reference together, along with one that my friends and I could discuss and relate to.  This blog idea was born.

But there's more!  Sharing my vision with my friends Amy Morelli and Robyn Dixon, we realized that our lifestyles are very different at this stage of life.  Perhaps we could pool our perspectives to create a "something for everyone" approach!

So, let's introduce the team ...

LISA STONER: I love the fashion and lifestyle blogs I follow, I really do! That said, I feel like the style and voice I favored in those blogs was a little "young" for me. Remember, 45 is the new 30! I'm a gal with the world at her fingertips who also happens to be remarried, has a daughter in college, a freshman in high school and would have loved a little "preparation" for the triumphs and struggles that come along with navigating these years. #meandthemister

AMY MORELLI: What about the voice of the 40+ year old that is single (divorced), childless, with a lucrative career and VERY okay with that? She loves her family, is the most avid animal lover, a feminist, loyal friend, and yes, she actually loves children! (Especially her niece!) College, marriage, then children (in that order) isn't in the plan for everyone, and if that's you, you'll love Amy! #memyselfandi

ROBYN DIXON: Maybe college, marriage and children was in the cards for you. AFTER your career. No less loving and devoted to her husband and toddler son, this 35+ something will give you everything from trends on pleated leather skirts in the office, to getting little boy stains out of your cashmere. A self-proclaimed "virgin cook" she's scrambling just like you trying to find the balance between countless hours at the office and quality time with her family. I know you will have lots to relate to with Robyn! #meandtheminimister

We plan on mixing life and love, stylishly and tastefully of course, so grab your coffee, tea, or wine and join us for everything life has to offer us all.

This is me. This is us.

Collectively, the joys, growth, and challenges we face are at once unique and universal.  So, when you really think about it, Me Actually... is you.