It's that time!!! Turn on that Holiday Music and get in the mood.

Here's a little Holiday Treat from Lisa's Mister, Jeffrey Stoner. He gave us a little insight behind his music choices as well. 

Hearing the first holiday song of the season has a double-edged effect on me. On one hand, my inner child is bouncing with excitement, and on the other hand, I gasp at the realization that I should start scheduling shopping and decorating days immediately. Hearing those familiar classics that have become part of our DNA over the years is a sure way to kickstart the holiday spirit, but the newer selections are just as fun!

I've put together this playlist for those days when maybe you've heard Johnny Mathis just a few times too many. Most of the songs are familiar, but performed by unexpected artists (Fiona Apple, Florence + the Machine, Weezer, to name a few), and a few are entirely new compositions.

Enjoy! Click the image above or here to get this great holiday playlist!