Relaxation Rituals PART 2 - Peppermint Aromatherapy


We hope you enjoyed the lavendar detoxifying bath from Relaxation Series Part 1. Our hope is to bring you little tips and tricks on relaxing that you can work into your day. Here's another great one from Amy we all use to refresh and invigorate when those 3 o'clock blues hit!

When I’m feeling my day drag on, and the clock moves slow, I grab right for the Peppermint Oil! It’s scent is known to stimulate mental activity and increase blood circulation. It's even used in hospitals for easing digestion and getting the digestive system working smoothly! So when you feel your mind wandering, dab a little peppermint oil on your temples and forehead. Take a moment close your eyes and slowly breath in the scent. You’ll feel refreshed in no time! I keep some peppermint in my desk drawer just for this reason. It’s also good for relief in a pinch if you have a headache or migraine - use same recipe as above.


Twenty-One Days


At the beginning of each month, we will launch a 21-day initiative, and we want to hear your stories, successful or just close enough, so we can share the journey together. We want to spark initiatives in all of you monthly, as we all work towards an improved and better, well…”me, actually.”

You’ve heard the phrase: “It takes 21 days to form a habit,“ haven’t you?

For the month of December, we incite you to save each $5.00 bill you encounter. For us, between groceries, those “more than a few” runs to Target, eating out, entertainment, etc. when paying with cash, the mister and I get quite the few $5.00 bills in return change.

What will you do with those accumulated $5.00’s after the 21 days? Chip away at some of that Holiday shopping debt? Add it to a vacation fund? Shoes?

Does budgeting and saving come easy to you, or is it more of a challenge and chore?

We can’t wait to hear from you in comments and on social media! Be sure to post your daily or weekly progress by using the #meactually21days hashtag!


Relaxation Rituals PART 1 - Balance your daily routine with Aromatherapy and more!

Relaxation Ritual 1: Detoxification Bath

With all the chaos and hustle and bustle of life, who doesn’t love a good bath? Grab a good book, and soak in this bath. The smell of lavender will envelope you while, the epsom salt and baking soda detoxify you.

Comprised of the minerals magnesium and sulfate, Epsom Salt is a natural exfoliant and anti-inflammation remedy. In the bath, Epsom Salt will help relieve stress and replenish the body’s magnesium levels- leaving you feeling revived. Another great tip is to mix it with your favorite deep hair conditioner to add body to your hair. It’s also a reviver of life in the garden as well, add just a bit to your tomatoes or flowers and they will thrive.

Lavender is know as one of the most nostalgic fragrances, for it’s beautiful calming scent and flower. It’s much more than that, it’s one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world, offering both physical and emotional relief. Use it as a remedy for aching muscles, acne, burns, cuts, migraines, stress, nervous tension, insomnia and much more.

The other multitasking wonder in this bath, you can find right in your kitchen. Baking Soda not only hydrates your skin, and acts as a skin brightener, it can be used as dry shampoo, by sprinkling a little at the root of your hair and tousling it. Mixed with Honey it’s a great treatment to get clear acne free skin. Apply for 15 minutes 2 times a week and rinse!

Deadlines, Family, Friends, Social Outings, Career, Household Chores…The list of stressors in my life seem to multiple by the day. Not that all of these things are negatives in life, as they are the wonderful parts of life that make me who I am, yet sometimes they also are the parts of my life that cause added stress and worry.

In our “modern” world of round the clock activity, it’s even more important to steal relaxing moments for yourself. Yep! Relaxing, something I’m very bad at, there is always something on the list of an overachiever that will kick RELAXATION TIME to the curb in a second! *Well NO MORE, No more I say! *

I have been working hard this year to work in a bit of relaxation during my normal daily routine. If I wait for a full day off to have a “Spa Day”. . . I’ll go mad waiting! Enter my Aromatherapy Relaxation Rituals, my way of incorporating small moments throughout my day to relax and drink life in! So I decided to create a 3 Part Relaxation Guide.

I have always been interested in the natural ways to heal and make our lives more enriched through living off of what nature provides, and what I’ve found with Aromatherapy is just too good not to share! My days are calmer, my sleeps are deeper, and my life feel more balanced than ever before. Below are three of my favorite Relaxation Rituals. Be sure to stay tuned in the future, as I’m loving the results I’ll be sure to share anything new I discover!


* 2 cups of Epsom Salt:
* 1 cup of Baking Soda
* 5 or 6 drops of Lavendar Oil
* Add hot water and enjoy! Soak for at least 12 minutes.