Athleisure Wear | The Jogger Pant


It’s all fun and games until the pants are too tight…


Because the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s consisted of countless calories, delectable desserts and savory sins at every corner, it’s no wonder we are all looking for something that not only looks stylish, but feels great. As much as I love dressing up and coordinating outfits, it’s as if I look for any excuse to stay in comfortable PJ’s all day! 


My struggle was this: everyday errands and casual evening’s out were beginning to look unkempt and thoughtless.  And then, as if a personal prayer was answered, the track pant trend was practically dropped in my lap.


Truth be told, I thought I happened upon this trend accidentally.  In full disclosure, I was in the Gap looking at their Gap Body selection, [my favorite loungewear and PJ’s!] and thought these stylish pants came by way of workout wear and were somehow misplaced. 


Athlesiure wear, as it is now referred to, is checking off every fashion box for me right now! Comfortable, casual, dressed up, dressed down and always stylish!  The drawstring keeps the fit comfortable enough while the tapered ankle offers a tailored look. Hallelujah! 


Casual: Wear a t-shirt or pullover with a fashion sneaker. {Source Image: EXPRESS}

Dressed Up: Choose a more structured top, button down or sweater, and wear with a sassy heel. {Source Image: GAP}


Oh, and I’ve tried this look on the Mister as well— quite successfully I might add!  Sans the sassy heel, of course! {Source Image J Crew and Gap }


Aaaand EXHALE.  Literally!

xx, LS